Thursday, February 24, 2011


In the old days, I sure wouldn't have been bragging about seeing para gliders. Ah, the drawbacks to becoming older and wiser. Apparently I'm too sane even to have any regrets about never fulfilling my hang gliding dream.  We spent a great few hours one afternoon watching more than a dozen para gliders and a lone hang glider soar off the cliffs at the La Jolla Gliderport. 

When I was here some 25 years ago, it was nothing but a few lunatics jumping off the cliffs above a nude beach with wings strapped on their backs. Now the land lies almost a foot lower, done in by the many cars and feet that made it vulnerable to erosion over the past decades. Everyone has to have a certification to use the port, and it's all much, much safer.  Heck, now the place is even on the map.

On Tuesday it was downtown to scope out the San Diego Maritime Museum--Bill got tickets to the Tall Ships Cannon Battle next Sunday and we wanted to see if I'd be able to get myself onto the boat with or without my scooter.  Answer:  yes--without.

Meantime, the museum itself enticed, and we had a great time there and on the other ships your stamped hand entitled you to board.  Here's Bill waving to me from a spectacular example:

Late yesterday afternoon I discovered my cell phone was missing. Finally, definitely, gone after all the false alarms I've had over the years.  Naturally, this was the one day I hadn't bothered to even turn it on so didn't know it was AWOL until about 3:30 in the afternoon. See that lovely ship above?  It probably fell within 30 feet of there when I was loading the scooter parts back into the trunk of the car.                                                                                                                                   
I've de-activated it but am still waiting for Verizon to update my usage online so I can see how many calls have been made to foreign ports.  To my surprise, Verizon won't charge me for any calls after the time I told them it went missing!  Call the home phone and get Bill's cell # if you need to reach us.                                                                                                              
Guess I'll be looking into that smartphone earlier than I had thought!