Thursday, February 17, 2011


Regarding SD:  Those of you in the know will not write me back asking what we are doing in South Dakota in this weather (as some have, by the way.)

Yesterday we went to the Birch Aquarium and spent hours there looking at fish and the global warming exhibit. Just us, a bunch of other Midwesterners in plaid shirts (I kept losing Bill), and a million schoolchildren.  Well, it felt like a million anyway.  Oh, I forgot the tide pools there--you are actually allowed to touch the "animals"  (Yes, they call all the fish, lobsters, starfish, crabs, etc "animals.") Bill can now add "pet a sea cucumber" to his list of lifetime accomplishments. Among my accomplishments of yesterday is the purchase of a very warm, hooded sweatshirt with a tasteful Birch Aquarium insignia at front left. It will be very good for Minnesota and it is already highly useful here.

Despite the intermittent rain, it was a great place to spend the afternoon. And may I say we are impressed with the salads that are invariably offered at these public places--very healthy--grilled chicken, nice greens and so forth. We found the same thing to be true at Balboa Park last Sunday. I hasten to add we have eaten at some rather nice places too, where they have actual waiters and all.  George's California Modern, The Cottage and Whisknladle, for example. 

On another day we hit  the Cabrillo Monument which has very high, startling views of San Diego and the ocean. Cabrillo was one of the explorers who wandered up here way back when from farther south. He was never to be seen again-many rumors about how he died and where he is buried. Nice monument, very old Spain in appearance. 

We are now the proud owners of a 50% off pass to 49, count them--forty-nine--separate attractions here in SD.  We are also holders of a 7 day pass to everything at Balboa Park so we need to hie thee down there again and hit at least 3 more museums before Monday.

Today however, is catch up Thursday. Get taxes finished, write various documents promised to people in MN, wash clothes, hair and other assorted niceties. 

Tomorrow we get to pick up the kids after school (we are now old hands at this) and have fun with them for a few hours. Fl is doing a Tri-athalon in Costa Rica this week & hope to get together with Fr over the weekend as well.

Other family news:  We are having dinner with cousins this weekend and a couple more are coming down early in March and all 6 of us will get together for lunch then.
We are also hopping up to LA in the next few weeks to see a friend from my old days of flying into LA every month.

Gee whiz, it was supposed to rain from Wed. thru Saturday; I just looked outside and the sun is shining and it's gorgeous--maybe we'll bag the taxes for today!