Sunday, May 27, 2012

FOOTDROP: Another Year, Another New Device?

ANOTHER New Device?

It's steel-grey outside, with lightening forcing me to run on battery and thunder interrupting my viewing of the famous Minnesota eagle: 
while buckets of rain are being dumped all around me.

I'm laughing away out here in my sun porch office where I'm supposed to be working but am instead cleaning up my email and reading the oh-so-entertaining posts of a few of my on-line buddies.

I've been absent.  Yes, I see that. It's not because I don't love you, It's not because I had writer's block. It isn't due to a lack of news. I was just taking a break from having MS.  You know what I mean. I was being a regular person--living my life, getting up in the morning and working and avoiding exercise and eating whatever I wanted. The human stuff. The longing to be just the-gal-around-the-corner and not that-woman-with-MS.  I just get sick of it, don't you?

So the last thing I wanted to think about was MS, assistive devices or anything of that ilk. As you read about the state of my decline, you are going to wonder how I could possibly pretend to not have MS, but we are, after all, exceedingly talented folks, are we not?

However, I do have news. I realized a couple of months ago that my BionessL300 unit was no longer working very well for me.  I was forced to hang on more and more to walls, husbands, whatever was handy, in order to stay upright and mobile. I could see the alarm in the eyes of passers-by as I wobbled and grabbed my way into places with my cane.