Monday, January 14, 2013


Ever had a cat that disappears just when you're about to put him in the car and go to the vet for his shot?  or a kid whose miserable, aching tooth miraculously quits hurting just as she's called into the dentist's chair?  My scooter has a life of its own and has refused to do its squealing whenever I take it in for repair...lovely, eh?

Now I had a whole new rear wheel assembly and motor put on a year ago, so I'm hoping this video will do it for the service department and they'll be able to locate the problem. So this blog is for you,  Scott!

FOOTNOTE:  It turned out to be the brake. This probably happened in the belly of an airplane on a trip but it got worse over time until we could pinpoint the problem.  I got a new brake but eventually just got another scooter because the old one just wasn't very peppy and I want my 3-4 miles per hour!  I spent almost enough on the various repairs to buy a new one. Next time, I'll know better!

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  1. I have a wheelchair lift that only squeaked when the repairman was two hours away. My genious husband figured out it only makes noise when the temperature is cold. I wonder if there is some strange factor that might be affecting your scooter.